The U.S Women’s Health Alliance is leading the way with our value-based healthcare programs, our advocacy initiatives, our knowledge-sharing platforms and group purchasing opportunities. We currently have over 100 Member Groups representing over 4,500 providers, who care for approximately 15 – 18 million women across the United States. We are not a profit center, but an organization of like-minded and driven women’s healthcare practitioners and operations leaders, who believe in the benefits of private practice and the power of unity.

About the U.S. Women’s Health Alliance

First and foremost, we are about our Mission. It is what drives every program, initiative and opportunity that we pursue:

“Effectively collaborate as one unified organization of resources, knowledge and experiences to help private practices thrive in a new healthcare environment while delivering high quality and affordable healthcare to women.”

As a national organization of OB/GYN providers and the operational leaders, we collectively work together to share best practices, raise awareness of important women’s healthcare issues, and implement innovative value-based healthcare programs to meet the evolving needs of women’s care. Our group purchasing programs help each Member Group be financially sustainable and deliver the most affordable care to our patients.

The U.S. Women’s Health Alliance is professionally run by its Management Team and supported by an infrastructure of working committees. Every Member Group has a Board position to help drive the organization’s Mission forward. We meet twice a year at our semiannual conferences to update the Membership on our programs, demonstrate strong return-on-investment for each opportunity and set forth new strategic goals and initiatives. In between the conferences, our Executive Management Team and Committees work closely together to plan, implement and measure the best ways to help our Member groups deliver the highest quality care in the most affordable way.

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The Application Process

If you are interested in learning more about The Alliance or seeing if your practice would be a good fit with our organization, we highly encourage you to take the first step – arranging a phone call with the USWHA President and Management Team. During this important call, we would like to learn more about your practice, your goals to deliver the best in women’s healthcare as well as give us the opportunity to share a deeper understanding of our own Mission, our innovative programs, the working Committees and their Charters, and the dues structure. If the interest to join continues, there will be a formal application process supported by a Member sponsor and review by our Ethics Committee. Presenting the application to the Board for approval then completes the process.

If you are interested in learning more, please complete the following form and we will reach out to you shortly:

    USWHA is not a medical provider. Please do not submit any personal health information via this form.