Purchasing Program


We are very pleased to have you as a member of our organization and we look forward to the opportunity to support your practice’s purchasing initiatives.

Participation in USWHA purchasing programs is voluntary, but our programs feature rebate and administrative fees, generated by our collective purchase volumes, which are shared with our members. In this way, the things we buy everyday help to fund the mission of USWHA, and, at the same time create greater value for our practices than what we could alone! As is such, the more our members purchase through these programs, the greater benefit their memberships will be. Purchasing program benefits vary but most members realize significant savings on many of the items they buy every day! As reported to our members at our most recent semi-annual meeting, Alliance members have saved over $81 million dollars since our programs began in 2014 and have generated an additional $7.5 million in SHARED income!

It is not necessarily the goal of our program to offer purchasing solutions for everything we buy but to focus our efforts on areas of best opportunity. As you will find, sometimes this is on Alliance accounts and on others, local ones.  Volume is key and where we can aggregate it, we do well!

Medical-Surgical Supply & GPO Program

USWHA has partnered with Blackmaple Group (“BMG”) to ensure maximum value for our membership and for the Alliance.  Key program features of this program include:

BMG can help assess your current supply needs and provide you with a comprehensive business review.  This will empower you with the critical information you need to generate stakeholder approval and coordinate implementation with your practice.  Without a doubt, the more you engage our GPO partners the more savings your practice will incur!  And with new programs being added all the time, the benefits to members just keeps on growing.

Please contact Marc Cooper at 866.783.0033 x 701 to schedule an assessment. Success of the program relies on our partnerships with key companies:

Non-medical goods and services

Non-medical goods and services

GPO Resources

A letter from Marc Cooper about the USWHA Program
BMG Informational Session Video
BMG Update Spring 2019, Fall 2019, Spring 2020
Intalere Women’s Health Key Contract List
Purchasing Best Practices

IUD and Medical Device Purchasing Program

These programs are exclusive to the USWHA and are separate from our BMG/GPO program described above. The summaries provide detail on invoice price, rebate value and contract terms & conditions and should answer many questions you have. Where possible, members will continue to use their own current account numbers, and, in most cases, their current local account representatives and ordering processes.

To get started, download the purchasing program enrollment form and complete for EACH program you wish to participate in (ex. one for Bayer products, one for Liletta, one for Paragard, etc).  Please include current contract numbers, if available, as this will help expedite enrollment with those vendors. Email your completed form(s) to gp@uswha.com

Program Summary and Pricing Details

IUD and Medical Device Purchasing Programs 2020

Allergan (Liletta®)

Bayer Direct (Mirena®, Kyleena®, Skyla® & Essure®)

Bayer Direct Transition Memorandum USWHA March 2018
Bayer Direct Credit Application March 2018
Bayer Direct Form W9 March 2018
Bayer Direct Letter of Affiliation March 2018
USWHA Bayer Direct Announcement Bayer
Bayer Order Placement Process for Contracted Customers

CooperSurgical® (ParaGard®)


LiNA Medical – LiNA OperåScope™

LiNa Operåscope™ – Communication
LiNa Operåscope™ – CommunicationLiNA OperåScope™ Mini Kit
USWHA – LiNA OperåScope™ Order Form
LiNa Operåscope™ – Physician Brochure
LiNa Operåscope™ – 2020 Coding and Payment Quick Reference Guide
LiNa Operåscope™ – Set-up Checklist